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Proper lawn and garden care is time consuming, tedious, and exhausting. Modern homeowners could use a break and they probably have a better use for their time. That’s why we have partnered with the most respected and trusted landscaping companies in the country. Our app and service offers high-quality, fast, and stunning landscaping for homes of all shapes and sizes – all at your convenience.

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Flawless landscaping, trusted service

Caring for and maintaining your lawn and garden is only part of what makes Shrubhub great. We also understand how important security and privacy is for our customers and for that we have partnered with the most respected and trusted landscaping companies in America.

Each of our clients must pass rigorous background checks and verifications before they’re entered into our system. Each of our lawnsmiths must meet our elite standards of efficiency, safety, professionalism, value, and quality.

With our new mobile app – this process is easier than ever. Whenever you log on to your account, you can choose previous lawnsmiths you’ve worked with, new lawnsmiths, the time and date that best works for you, and which services you would like!

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At ShrubHub Pro we are driven by our core values of customer service, value, expertise, and efficiency. With out certified and verified lawn technicians, we want to help keep your home looking beautiful all year long. We are proud to say we consistently use the most trusted lawnsmiths to keep residential and professional landscaping green, healthy, and weed free.